Eigenvalues and graph rigidity in the Euclidean plane


报告时间:202244(周一) 上午8:30-9:30

报告地点:腾讯会议 (会议号:996-348-724)

报告题目:Eigenvalues and graph rigidity in the Euclidean plane

报告摘要:A bar-and-joint framework in the Euclidean plane is a pair (G, p), where G is a graph and p is a map from V(G) to the Euclidean plane. Given a framework (G, p), a natural question is to ask, is it rigid or flexible? This question has both combinatorial and geometric aspects. The rigidity in the Euclidean plane has been well studies and a combinatorial characterization has been obtained by Geiringer in 1927 and rediscovered by Laman in 1970. Several results on graph rigidity from eigenvalue perspectives will be presented in this talk.

报告人简介:顾晓峰,美国西佐治亚大学数学系副教授。2013年博士毕业于西弗吉尼亚大学,师从著名图论学家赖虹建教授。主要从事组合和图论及其应用方面的研究,特别是图的伪随机性以及图谱相关的研究,目前在European Journal of CombinatoricsJournal of Graph TheorySIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics等期刊上发表论文30余篇,主持西蒙斯基金和美国数学学会基金各1项。

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